Robert Downey Jr on ABC ‘Good Morning America’

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Robert Downey Jr. was at the ABC “Good Morning America’ television studios this morning, December 18, talking up his latest film, Sherlock Holmes.

The movie, set to hit theaters Christmas Day, has garnered both Golden Globe and SAG award nominations. The Arthur Conan Doyle epic has also lit up Robert Downey Jr’s career in a big way.
The ‘Good Morning America’ interview focused on this already acclaimed movie as well as the Sherlock Holmes character himself — that is, until the Hugh Hefner card was put on the table.

“Are you going to be playing Hugh Hefner?” the GMA host asked.

Downey seemed a little bit shocked by the question given he was in Sherlock Holmes mode. So, the accomplished actor replied in a way that really didn’t answer the question at all.

“I love Hugh Hefner. What a great guy.” said Downey. He continued by talking about when he met Hef for the first time and how he got to tour the Playboy mansion and peek into the Playboy achieves.

As for playing the part of Hugh Hefner for an upcoming movie?

‘Who knows what I am going to do,” Robert Downey Jr. finally replied to GMA. It appears the success of his latest film is all this thespian is thinking about at the moment. And who can blame him? Sherlock Holmes just may give Robert Downey Jr. his very first Oscar. Fingers crossed.

Downey’s new film, co-starring Jude Law and directed by Guy Ritchie, opens wide Christmas Day. [Source]

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