Robert “Would Really Hate” Someone Else as Tony Stark

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In a recent interview with Marvel’s Kevin Feige, it was mentioned that Tony Stark could be another James Bond sort of character: someone who could be recast with new actors to continue the legacy. Robert Downey Jr was asked about this idea while at the Tribeca Film Festival, to which he said he would “really hate for someone else to think they could step into my shoes.” An video of his comments on the subject can be viewed above, or you can read a detailed account of it at MTV. (He also talks a bit about Iron Man 3, including potential casting and the possibility of filming in China.)

4 Responses to “Robert “Would Really Hate” Someone Else as Tony Stark”

  1. really happy to hear him having that opinion about it, can’t see ANYONE else as iron man


  2. Hello, I am just wondering if you would know whether Robert would attend the Cannes Film Festival 2012?

    Many thanks! :)


    Comment by Kristina on May 3rd, 2012

    Hey Kyra! I’m not sure whether or not Robert is scheduled to attend, but I believe he’s supposed to start shooting Iron Man 3 within the next week. Chances are he might not be able to make it, though I’ll be sure to provide updates ASAP if he shows up. :)


  3. thanks so much Kristina! keep me updated! ;)


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