New ‘Iron Man 3′ Film Still

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  1. Hey Iron Man. .Long time No see. .Its Been A long time. From Calver City… Remember. That News Paper Clip. .Yes.. and that Photo. .. Robert I know you dont. Remember me. .but. back in the Day. ..I sent you a Gift.. and that Gift was. ..I Asked GOD.. Please Help Him. and put the right people in your life. . to help him .because .He’s a Great Man. . He Only like’s a lite to Show him the way. .AND HE DID. NOW LOOK AT YOU…They say your Fans dont care. ..but i do i just wanted to tell you. .How Pround I am of you.. and of all your hard work. .you beat the. …Odds. ..and i look up to you so much. . and maybe one day. .just maybe . .. I wiil get my New Moive Out There. ..Iron Man.. 5. I Have a Lot of Great Ideas. . But No Money to Back them Up. .In Short. I am Asking for your Help…Im Like Stand Lee. …With Out the Money. . Blessing to You and Yours. . Pepperpepermint


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