Robert Celebrates Wife Susan’s Birthday in Sausalito

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Susan Downey’s 40th birthday was on November 6th, and her husband – none other than Robert Downey Jr – made sure to celebrate in style. They brought the party to Northern California, where they joined forces with around 50 friends at the Cavallo Point Lodge in Sausalito. E! Online has posted all the details on the bash, which you can also read below:

Robert Downey Jr. may not be a superhero in real life, but he sure knows how to make his wife feel special!

E! News has exclusively learned that the Iron Man star threw a star-studded bash for his wife Susan’s 40th birthday, hosting a celebration at Cavallo Point near Sausalito, Calif. where guests, including Justin Theroux, Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jon Favreau and Reese Witherspoon, spent the entire weekend relaxing at a resort spa.

“It was a great weekend for Susan, and Robert went all out to make sure she knows how special she is,” a source exclusively tells E! News of the getaway. “Around 50 of their closest friends came up for the weekend and stayed at the hotel in historic houses. It was a very relaxing weekend and there was a lot of time for people to catch up.”

Guests spent the weekend enjoying the amenities at the resort, getting spa treatments, going on walks and celebrating Susan’s birthday.

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Vulture’s 100 Most Valuable Stars of 2013

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Vulture recently released their annual list of the 100 Most Valuable Stars — and Robert Downey Jr topped the list at #1 once again. Rounding out the top ten (in order): Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Christian Bale, Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks, and Johnny Depp.

Robert’s stats include a studio value of 9/10, 69% likeablity, 58 on the critics’ score, and a tabloid value of 6/10. Read what Vulture had to say about him this year:

1. Robert Downey Jr.

He leads the Most Valuable Stars list for the second time, and who can argue?

Can there be any doubt that Robert Downey Jr. should be sitting pretty at the top of this list for two years in a row? He’s the star of two of the top five highest-grossing movies of all time — The Avengers, which brought in $1.5 billion worldwide, and Iron Man 3, which took in $1.2 billion — and unlike other comic-book heroes who could be recast at the drop of a hat (and often are), Downey Jr. is so synonymous with Tony Stark that when he decided not to make any more Iron Man movies for the time being, Marvel basically put the megafranchise on pause in the hopes that he’ll change his mind. (Whereas Warner Bros. promptly installed Ben Affleck as Batman just as soon as Christian Bale hung up his cowl.) Don’t worry, though: Downey Jr. did decide to sign on for two more Avengers sequels, so he’s hardly done with his most iconic character.

But Downey Jr. is more than just Iron Man — in fact, he’s got another lucrative franchise, Sherlock Holmes, and has starred in two hit comedies since his career resurgence, Tropic Thunder and Due Date. His appeal is off the charts, and he has a studio rating third only to Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio’s. And he’s managed his stardom with grace and good humor, a remarkable turnaround from the drug-fueled days when he was an uninsurable lost boy. Next up for Downey Jr. is The Judge, a dramedy where he plays a lawyer representing his town judge father (Robert Duvall) in a murder case; the movie is a gratifying change of pace for Downey Jr. and a savvy acknowledgment that audiences will now expect more from him than just quippy action movies. And beyond that, there’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron, which will surely bring in a box-office take that rivals the GDP of most nations. That’s why Robert Downey Jr. is No. 1 on our list, and it will take a superhuman effort for anyone to top him.


GQ Magazine Scan Update: May 2013

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Thanks to DeAdele, RDJ Fan has a few new magazine scans from May 2013 added to the gallery. Above, you can find thumbnails for his appearances in two GQs: in Russia and the great, twelve-page spread from the US edition. The accompanying photo shoots are amazing! You can also find a single page scan from FHM Russia right here.


Robert Surprises Hurricane Sandy Volunteers

Once again, Robert Downey Jr proves what an amazing, warmhearted person he is! On Monday, April 29th, he surprised teenage aid workers who were being treated to a special screening of Iron Man 3 in New York. The teenagers were there after devoting their time to help cleanup and rebuild after last year’s Hurricane Sandy. Check out some more details from the appearance below, including why it was important for him to show gratitude regarding NYC in particular:

The actor made an unannounced visit to the Regal E-Walk theater in Manhattan to honor youngsters from the Police Athletic League who have given their time to help rebuild areas devastated by the storm last October.

The teens cheered with delight when Downey, Jr. entered the building, and he personally thanked them for their hard work. He told the crowd, “I just want to say thank you to the… Police Athletic League and all of you folks. I know you’re all here because you’ve been doing something special in the five boroughs, for this great city. You’re the future of the nation. I guarantee if you keep doing the right thing, you’re going to be running the joint in a minute.”

Downey, Jr. posed for photos with his star-struck fans, and told a reporter for the New York Daily News, “Of course [the visit means a lot as]… it’s my hometown. Everywhere we drive, I have a memory of playing Frisbee in front of that office building or trying to sneak into the back door of a Rocky Horror Picture Show midnight showing, because I knew someone who was working concessions… Coming back here reminds me of my origins.”



GQ (2013 May)

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His resurrection has all the characteristics of an origin story for a Hollywood superhero: A gifted young actor loses his way, cheats death again and again, then straightens himself out just in time to conquer the world. But the way Robert Downey Jr. tells it, the reality involves a lot more detours, and the final act still hasn’t been written. With Iron Man 3 poised to extend his outrageous hot streak, Downey invited GQ’s Chris Heath to his house in Malibu to talk about where he’s been, where he’s going, and where all the demons went.

* * *

Robert Downey Jr. habitually carries with him a miniature brown leather suitcase. If he’s rummaging inside it, it’s usually for another square of Nicorette gum, but there’s all sorts of stuff in there: rattling pill bottles—antiparasitics and antivirals (“Sushi’s worth it, but sometimes you’ve got to clean the bugs out”) and some kind of chemical if he happens to eat bread—a dark blue beanie bearing the logo of the security company that guards this Malibu estate, some medallions whose twins I’ll later see his wife, Susan, wearing, and a typed letter he recently received from Woody Harrelson onto the back of which he has, perhaps absentmindedly, been pressing chewed globs of gum. There is also—and this is what he removes now from the case to show me—a solid-gold Iron Man helmet head.

Downey holds in his hands the head of the character who set his life on a new trajectory and examines it.

“It is funny, dude,” he says. “I do contemplate this thing.”

Downey commissioned a jeweler to make a set of these heads as gifts for crew members when Iron Man 3 wrapped, but he kept one for himself and it is now his to ponder at his leisure. “There’s some sort of strange message about something in there,” he says. “Just about masks, and what people create. I still haven’t figured it out. There’s no rush.”



‘Iron Man 3′ Seoul Premiere

Happy Birthday, Robert! Robert Downey Jr spent his 48th birthday in Seoul, South Korea today, April 4th. While promoting his film, Iron Man 3, he was presented with a large birthday cake and had the honor of cutting it. He also did some inspired dance moves during the premiere, dancing “Gangnam Style” upon his arrival. Check out an account of the event below, full of quotes from Robert:

“First of all, I really want to thank the fans that came to the airport yesterday to greet me in Korea. I had a long flight and it was a very lovely surprise. It was like 10 o’clock and pretty late to be driving to the airport, and I just wanted to say I really appreciate it,” the actor told reporters. He was spotted signing autographs and flashing a wide grin to local fans that waited for him at Gimpo Airport the previous night.

“Sitting up here and we’re talking about this very successful franchise, and five years ago I really had no idea if it was going to be embraced by the public or not,” he said. “And you know I play Tony Stark as this very brash, sarcastic, and confident guy, and I can be like that a little bit, but I find myself looking at these posters and sometimes kind of like wondering how this happened. My relationship with it has been one of a kind, with increasing humility and a lot of gratitude.

The actor expressed confidence about the third installment, saying, “I’m a pretty tough critic on these things and I think this third one is really worth a couple of hours to spend to go to see at a theater.

While the upcoming film features more tricks by the technologically-savvy billionaire, Downey Jr. said it is different from the others in that it focuses more on the human side of Tony Stark. “While we were talking about making a third Iron Man, I figured out we had to consider it in tandem with The Avengers,” he said, adding that he thought that it might be interesting and challenging if the hero was just a little bit traumatized by the experience from the attack of aliens in The Avengers. “And also we figured it would be nice to get back to a little more of what we saw in the first Iron Man, which is Tony in the suit a little bit less, or only in parts of the suit, or developing a bunch of new suits for your viewing pleasure,” he added, with a characteristic quizzical smile.

Another big change is that the film’s setting moves away from the big cities of the previous series to a more provincial part of America, the actor said. “I think a lot of what occurs in Iron Man 3 is that he actually goes to the parts of America that aren’t New York or Los Angeles. It is a road trip of sorts, and I think he gets back to an understanding that he is just a worker amongst workers and he is just another person, and I think that’s actually very helpful to him,” he said.



Robert Attends Comic-Con 2012

“Iron Man 3″ is set to take over the roaring Hall H at on Saturday evening (July 14), but ahead of that, filmmaker Shane Black, executive producer Kevin Feige and leading men Robert Downey Jr. and Don Cheadle assembled together for a more intimate question-and-answer session with members of the press all about their upcoming super-flick.

Kicking things off, the panelists were asked if there was pressure to try and make a bigger film in size and scope than “Marvel’s The Avengers.” Both Feige and Black said they weren’t “aiming for bigger,” but something “different, fresh and new.”

“There’s an idea about being big, but it’s an idea about capturing and redoubling the intensity of ‘Avengers,’ that lightning in a bottle feel of stuffing so much into a limited space,” said Black. “Robert refers to it as leaving it all on the field. That’s what we’re aiming to do.” The director added that Marvel is allowing him to “take some risks” with “Iron Man 3,” which is “pretty admirable in a superhero movie, to take some risks.”

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New ‘Avengers’ Poster; Robert Talks Tony

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Another new poster for The Avengers was released yesterday, showcasing each of the Marvel superheroes in one action-packed still. It seems like Iron Man is a bit of a focus, no? Entertainment Weekly also published a new article in which Robert talks about returning to Tony and working as part of a large team. Read an excerpt below, and then head over to the source to read what his Avengers co-stars had to say about their characters:

“I’m still trying to, without moving backwards, remember the character that [Iron Man and Iron Man 2 director] Jon Favreau and I created, and be true to that,” Downey tells EW.

It’s also important to be true to the original Marvel Comics history, but Downey acknowledges that they’ve had to streamline their vision over the years as the possibility of this movie loomed.

“Avengers has always been this kind of hovering [thing]. Is it really possible? I just think that it was an incredibly ambitious notion, and looking back at Marvel and their fledgling years, they always had a vision of this … although not entirely accurately.”

Downey laughs: “In one teaser I say, ‘I’m putting a team together,’ and in the other one I’m like, ‘What do you mean I can’t join the team?’ But aside from that, it kind of really tracks through.”


Robert and Susan Attend March of Dimes Celebration of Babies

Robert Downey, Jr. and wife, Susan, attended the March of Dimes Celebration of Babies on Friday, December 2nd. Others at the luncheon included expectant mothers, Jessica Alba and Jenna Fischer. Pictures have been added to the gallery. Additionally, here’s a quick blurb of an article from Celebrity Baby Scoop, where Robert talks about slowing down and turning 50:

Robert Downey Jr. and wife Susan Levin are expecting their first child together, but the Sherlock Holmes actor says it doesn’t mean he’s going to get too settled.

“Life is good. With a new baby on the way, maybe I ought to think about slowing down a little. But I can’t see that happening in the short term,” he said.

At 46 the second-time dad – he has a son Indio from his previous marriage to Deborah Falconer – is already starting to contemplate turning fifty in a few years.

“It’s funny. I used to say that I’d welcome a bullet to the forehead if I ever ended up as a 40-something, remarried, marketable, big-action movie dad living in a cosy cul-de-sac in suburban LA. Now I am that guy,” he laughed.

“It just goes to show that I usually don’t know what’s good for me in life. But I’m getting better at knowing that stuff. I don’t need to rub against the grain nearly as much as I used to. I’m 46 now, so the countdown to my half-century has begun. I’d have to be completely deranged not to stress about that.”



“‘Sherlock Holmes is Like the Best Sex of Your Life”

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With Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows on the way, there’s been a lot of press lately, including this article with The Daily Mail. There’s some great insight into his phoenix-like rise with thanks to Richard Attenborough and how his entire life has had a British influence (including eccentricities in his early childhood). Check out an excerpt below, then head over to the website for the full thing.

Team Downey – yes, that really is the name – is based in an ultra-modern $6 million three-storey building in the terminally hip, bohemian Venice district of Los Angeles.

It exists purely to maintain Robert Downey Jr’s thriving public image as the most irresistible brand on the block – actor, writer, producer, potential director.

One entire wall on the ground floor is given over to pop-art portraits of every single employee, but by far the largest is that of Downey and his wife. The emphasis might be on the team aesthetic, but there’s no ambiguity about who’s ultimately in charge. Ascend to the upper floors and you find a large kitchen, three ridiculously plush bedrooms, a projection room and a terrace with barbecue and swimming pool.
‘No nation on Earth can touch the English for eccentricity,’ said Downey Jr

‘No nation on Earth can touch the English for eccentricity,’ said Downey Jr

On the expansive top floor, Downey greets me with a big movie-star smile. With a regal curtsy and a self-mocking grin, he goes off in search of coffee for us both.

He’s surprisingly slim and, at 46, the only hints of middle age are a few creases around the eyes and flecks of grey in his goatee. His boyish enthusiasm remains undimmed. Having returned, he grabs a handful of vitamin bottles and a box of nicotine gum.

‘I’m off the smokes again,’ he explains.


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