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» Facts

Name: Robert John Downey, Junior
Birthday/Age: April 4, 1965 / 48
Birthplace: Manhattan, New York
Residence: Venice Beach and Malibu, Los Angeles, California
Height: 5’8″ / 1.73 m
Relationship Status: Married (Susan Levin, b. November 6, 1973); August 27, 2005
Children: Indio Falconer (b. September 7, 1993), Exton Elias (b. February 7, 2012)
Pets: Cats (Monty, Dart), horses (One Sock, Little D), llamas, goats
Parents: Robert John (née Elias) and Elsie (née Ford) Downey; divorced 1978
Siblings: Allyson Lee Downey (b. 1963)
Hobbies: Wing Chun Kung Fu, meditation

» Trivia

• Grew up in numerous places around in the States and Europe: Greenwich Village, New York; Connecticut; Paris, France; London, England; Woodstock, Vermont; Santa Monica, California.

• Attended Stagedoor Manor Performing Arts Training Center in upstate New York and Santa Monica High School in California, though he dropped out in 1982 to pursue acting. Robert received his G.E.D. in 2000.

• Robert has several tattoos; for more information, check out this page.

• Has said that tuna melts were once his hangover cure.

• Previous relationships include a marriage with singer/model Deborah Falconer (b. 13 August 1965). They married on May 29, 1992, after dating for only 42 days! They separated in 1996 and divorced on April 26, 2004. Robert also dated actress Sarah Jessica Parker for seven years.

• His parents divorced when he was only 11-years-old.

• Robert kept a lot of the authentic vintage clothing he wore in the movie Chaplin.

• In a symbolic attempt to “bury” his decadent 1980’s brat pack image and begin a new phase of his life and career after filming Chaplin in 1991, Robert buried the clothes he wore in 1987’s Less Than Zero in the back yard of his house.

• Robert dropped out of Santa Monica High School at age 17 to become an actor. His first jobs in the city included bussing tables at Central Falls restaurant, working in a shoestore, and performing as “living art” at the notorious underground club Area.

• Peter O’Toole is Robert’s favorite actor.

• Robert has always had a talent for singing. Besides releasing his own album, he also really sang while he starred on “Ally McBeal.” (He was even featured on the “Ally McBeal” Christmas album!)

• His friends call him “Bob.”